ADB Projects

The Department of Works and Highways In accordance to the approval of the National Executive Council (NEC) for award of contracts under the ADB Loan No.4094/4095-PNG and OPEC Fund Loan No. 14606P: Sustainable Highlands Highway Investment Program (SHHIP)-Tranche 2; has signed two (2) contracts with civil works contractors for packages BCW1 (NPC 2020-50) and BCW2 (NPC 2020-51) and three (3) contracts with consultants for packages CS1 (NPC 2020-48), CS2 (NPC 2020-49) and BAMS1 (NPC 2020-47).

JICA Projects

Due to a lack of proper equipment and skilled staffs, such in-house operation has not shown good performance until now, the Government of Japan has committed the Grant Aid Project "The Project for Improvement of Road Maintenance Equipment", to complementing and strengthening and developing road maintenance capacity of DoW staffs.

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